LG|G6|LG’s next flagship Snapdragon will be 845h soon in the market

LG’s next flagship Snapdragon will be 845h soon in the market. LG introduced G6 in the Mobile World Congress last year. You might also hope that LG introduced the G7 in the month’s end of the mobile world congress but it would not happen.

The Korean company LG has changed the strategy to introduce a mobile phone. Now we will get the V8 version of the converted version of MCW. According to a new report LG’s next flagship will be introduced in June. This device’s name will not be G7 too. That is, we are going to call LGG series as Goddess. This phone code is currently Judy.

Snap Dragon 845 Chip Set in LG Jodi, iPhone 4 Gb Rim, and 64GB Storage. The device or the S-S model of this device may also be launching more than the remote and more storage, 6GB Rim and 128 GB storage.

Judy will have a 6.1-inch 18: 9-inch touch screen with HDR10 800 bridges, which is possible due to the new MLCD + technology. This will be a 35 percent capability from the common IPS LCD display in accordance with screen power expenditure. This phone will have a 16-megapixels + 16 megapixels dual-core camera.

Due to IP 68 certification, this phone will be protected from water and water. This phone will also have stereo speakers that are called Boom Boxes. Other features include camera’s artificial intelligent and wireless charging.

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