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California: Google maintains the problems of users while integrating the Built-in AID Blocker feature in Chrome with its search engines, which will prevent unnecessary and non-related advertisements.

Specifically, leading software company Google has built-in ad block option in Chrome for its ease of users ‘surfing users with unauthorized advertisements, after which consumers’ advertisements during surfing. You will not have to face and they will be able to continue their work.

Built-in ad block option will contain all content such as full-page ads, auto-play audio, auto-play video, and flashing-eds, will be blocked instantly and users will be able to surf with full satisfaction, but collation for batter aids Advertisements of rules prohibiting it will not come down, which are very low and they do not even face any problems.

Google has also written the letter to all the websites and institutions that have not been prohibited from non-favorite ads, advertisements that have grown up with large volume ads and move with scrolling, The rules that will not be processed will be blocked within a month, and any violation or explanation will be acceptable to this rule.

It is believed that like a pop-up blocker, the AID Blocker will also showcase in the address bar in the Chrome version of Chrome when the option for mobile users will be available in the mobile screen and the number of ads blocked. Will tell

The Google administration says that the aim is to improve the AID Block block for web ads, for which 42 percent of the websites have promised to make advertisements based on the principles set by Google for better advertising. Positive effects will come and consumers will be able to surf anonymously.

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