Football|The Egyptian footballer, Muhammad Salah, was infected with the game, to be a Muslim

The Egyptian footballer, Muhammad Saleh, was infected with the game, to be a Muslim. Egypt’s national team and British football club daughter-in-law, Mohammad Saleh, scored 30 runs in the season and moved on fans’ hearts. Liverpool won 5-0 in the match between Liverpool and Porto Club, but Mohammad Saleh, 25, was the most prominent.

Saleh scored around in this match, but in this season he scored 30 fans and made the fans crazy, and the fans were ready to become a Muslim by impressing them with a wonderful game.

Muhammad Saleh’s fans have prepared a system for them, which is a message of acceptance of Islam, influenced by their game. In his order, his fans said that if they move further, they will go to mosques on their way to becoming Muslim.

According to a report from Al Jazeera, Mohammad Saleh Liver is the 13th highest player in the 125-year history of the pool. Earlier this record was recorded by FC Barcelona’s Los Angeles.

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