T20|Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh for the first T20 match by 6 wickets

Bangladesh lost the T20 match by 193 runs, Sri Lankan winner. Sri Lanka scored 1-0 in the two-match series, Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh for the first T20 match by 6 wickets, the wicket team scored 194 runs on the fourth ball of the 17th over Completed 4 wickets.

Bangladesh’s runner-in captain Mahmudullah won the toss and decided to bat first in the first T20 match played on Thursday. The host team set first and set 193 runs in a loss of 5 wickets in the over overs. It’s a big toilet in the tattoo.

Bangladesh scored 66 runs while Mushfaq-ur-Rehman scored 51 runs while Somalia’s wicketkeeper made 51 runs more important. Mahmudullah 43, Zakir Hassan 10, Aafif Hussain Zero and Sabir Rehman took one run out.

In reply, Kishal Mands and Gunthallakai gave the team alive start of 53 runs, Ganathelikka hit the ball with the order of 30 runs. Mendes performed a good batting and scored 90 runs and made a score of 90 runs, he scored 53 runs while Affaq Hussain got out on the ball, while Apol Tanha became only 4 runs.

The score of 129 was the first wicket of Irene Lindsey when Nirvana dacoela scored 11 runs, with the goal of getting the target to be tough, but on this occasion, Sheena and Thessarena Pereira scored in front of the rival bowlers.

Both of them scored 65 runs in unbeaten batsmen while batting for the batting of Bengal Tigers, Shaneka with 3 sixes and 3 fours and 42 runs while Parra 3 scored 39 runs with 4 balls and 4 fours. With the victory in this match, Sri Lanka has won 1-0 in two T20 matches, declared Kishal Mands’ best player.

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