Facebook|It’s possible to post a new feature on Facebook, including various engagement lists

It’s possible to post a new feature on Facebook, including various engagement lists. California: Facebook has introduced several important features for further clarity of the daily life of its users, including the most important tasks for day-to-day (tolls), visit important places of work, and new year or week’s pledge. Can also be included.

Customizing emoji and background colors through these features can be featured in the news feed significantly. Currently, this feature is for Android app’s Android version. Facebook is encouraging users to post their personal data through this process so that more information and personal details can reach their social circles.

This feature has been turned on and now displays options after tapping the Facebook app’s Status Update box. However, you can only post the to-do list only through the Android version. In the Status Update box, a feature called “Dude Yuu” was added in December, in which many questions were asked to you.

However, As Do, List analysts have said that on Facebook people add dozens of times to one of their detail posts, but now they can annihilate posts by adding details of each item. Facebook does not even tell the limit for these posts. Just indicating that the first five posts will be marked as default and will remain hidden in the remaining drop-down.

According to experts, it may be useful for you to contact other people, but keeping them watches accepts. There is also a case with the posts that the gentlemen make you laugh. Facebook has taken several measures last month, in which they want to show news and view the popularity of the post of other famous people, and wants to increase the relationship between the people and maybe to Do List List is also a link to this.

Digital marketing analysts have also told that the Facebook graph can be slightly lower, and this year, 20 million youths will celebrate Facebook and go to the Instagram or Snapper chat.

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