Cricket|England|Pakistan|New competition in England and Pakistan started to beg

New competition in England and Pakistan started to beg. England’s first innings in 6 years will be honored. London, England, and Pakistan have begun to start a new competition in cricket, Green Caps will continue to work for continuous action on English soil for 4 years. The Pakistani team toured England for 4 in Test, 5 one day and a Twenty20 match in 2016, in the year 2010, Green Shirts played the Champions Trophy in England and won.

In May this year, the team will go to the Gordon to play 2 Test matches, in the coming year – in 2019, the Green Shirts will have to participate in the World Cup, the One-Day series will be played in both the countries before the Mega event. Similarly 2020 and 2021 I will also play the Pakistani team in England, as it will become the only team to tour England from 2016 to 2021 6 times.

In 2020, Pakistan Squad will have to go to England for three Tests and so many T-Twenty20 matches, short series in 2021 will also be held.

England and Wales Cricket Board split all the possible international competitions in 2020 to 2024, with the highest advantage being heading, where two most important matches will be played, the venue will host India first and then There will also be an Ashes match, as well as this year’s Yorkshire host will also host the Premier League matches starting from the English Board of 2020.

Hampshire’s Ajaj Bawl has not been hosted for an Ashes test, but he is also a host of 20 Twenty20 matches hosted by Lords, Oval, Trent Bridge, Eagleston, Old Trafford, and Cardiff.

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