World Boxing Council|Boxing|The title was removed from Mohammad Waseem

The title was removed from Mohammad Waseem, depriving of government patriarch. Pakistan’s boxing champion Mohammad Waseem has been wiped off the belt by stealing his belt because of lack of interest and patience as well as sponsors.

Pakistani boxer Mohammad Waseem defended Panama’s boxer last year successfully defending the Silver Boxing Council’s Silverfly Tournament, and in May this year, he had to fight with a Japanese boxer for Gold Belt.

Mohammad Waseem had to raise a risk of $ 7 million for the fate, but due to lack of interest in sponsors and any kind of assistance or support from the government, he failed to collect the money and the last date for submission of fees Passed on to the silver belt from Mohammad Waseem.

The World Boxing Council has also ranked Mohammad Waseem’s belt as well as rankings for the first time. Mohammad Waseem regretted this situation and said that I did not sponsor or support for the World Boxing title, so I will not fight the next fate because of not submitting fees and dream of making a title for the Pakistan and making champions. Will not be fulfilled.

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