Olympics|Olympics 2018|Winter Games; America completed a series of overall gold medals

Winter Games; America completed a series of overall gold medals. Pong Chang, Shawn White completed the series of overall American gold medals at Winter Games.

Sean White won the gold medal at the Snowboard Half Pipe event on Wednesday, it ranked the third medal in the game of Chang Chang games, while overall 100th gold medal in the game, White 31-year-old 97.75 points scored 97.75 points.

Japan’s EOO converged on the silver scandal of Australia while Australia’s Scotland James Benedict. In the 1000m Speed ​​Scheduling, Jorge T Mores of the Netherlands won the Gold Medal, Japan’s Noukodaria silver while we were in a bronze medal for the bronze medal. Germany’s Eric Finals won the first position compared to Combined Individual Gundersen NH10 / km.

Japan’s Aktu Viet Abbey silver while Austria’s Lucas Laporfer found a brand-winning medal. The German pair Wendy Tobias and Eritrea Tubes left behind in the Lodge Men’s doubles event, Austrian’s sports fans Peter and Fischer Greg took the silver medal in their occupation. What, the third position also was German Players Agent Tony and Benchain.

Germany has won the medals table with the 7 gold medals on the fifth day. The US and Russia teams had suffered defeat in the initial matches of the Men’s Ice Hockey event, the Russian team defeated 3-2 in the initial competition, In the 24 years, in the 24-year-old NHA Player’s match, in the second match, Slovenia defeated the United States surprisingly 3-2.

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