Olympics|Winter Olympics 2018|A look at the Winter Olympics

A look at the Winter Olympics. South Korea’s capital city of Penang Chong has been in competition with 2018 Winter or Winter Olympics, which will continue till February 25. In the event of 102 gold medals in this event, 92 countries including Pakistan, including Pakistan, are participating in 15 games. As far as the results are, Germany is at the forefront of the medals race.

At the opening ceremony of the event, local artists demonstrated great performances despite the cold weather, and took the opening ceremony four times, when the hostels South Korea and North Korea joined the same flag. On this occasion, South Korea President Moon Jain Named Korea The leader, who met his sister Kim Yongong and the delegation, approached and interfered with them.

It is believed that relations between South Korea and North Korea have been strained and cold war since the 1950s, but North Korea’s ice melted and Kim Jong said “Olympic Games” to the Winter Olympics. Is. Thomas Bishk, head of the International Olympic Committee, attended the usual event. The most important thing in the eventual event was the unique style of the stigma Nicolas Taffatto, belonging to Tongue. Tai Kwando Athletic Strapped Nicholas Tafaftoft in Tashkent Snowfields took a look at Tonga flag without wearing shirts, with the appearance of the opening ceremony with the appearance of the opening ceremony and everyone’s focus remained.

It was believed that he attended the opening ceremony of 2016 Rio Olympics. Despite being out of the event, the video was wired to attend the inauguration ceremony in his unique style. He will attend Cross-Country Championship competitions for the first time in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

He said in a video during the inauguration ceremony that “I decided to attend the most difficult game after the Rio Olympics because I needed a new challenge.”

Russia’s flag was not fired at the inaugural ceremony of the Winter Olympic. 169 Russian Athletes March March passed the Olympic flag. The International Olympic Committee suspended the Russian Olympic Committee due to the Duping scandal case in December 2017, due to which 47 Russian Athletes are missing the 2018 Winter Olympics. Sports mediation court last Thursday dismissed the appeal of 6 A Athletes, 7 doctors, coaches, assistant coaches and Staff cases outside their scope.

It is clear that Russia had hosted Sochi’s Winter Olympics in 2014 and during this period, the investigation was started after receiving Duping complaints from the official patriarch.

Two Pakistani officers Mohammad Karim Syed Human cross-country will demonstrate skills in the two ODIs of the Winter Olympic Games. It is important that the Mega event is held every four years and will host 2022 Winter Olympics four years later.

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