LG|Smartphone|Announcement of artificial intelligence tools for LG Smartphone

The announcement of artificial intelligence tools for LG Smartphone. Las Vegas, Many of the world’s companies have introduced tools and tools based on ART Fusion Intelligence (AI) based smartphones such as Apple Cycle, Google Assistant and Samsung’s Xbox 360 and now in this race G too has decided to join.

LG has announced processing and sounding tools for photos that will be presented later this year. According to LG spokesperson, these devices have been working on the last one year, which will be presented in the LGV 30 smartphone for the first time, after all its smartphone will be presented.

According to the LG, the photo identifier algorithm has been trained on 10 million pictures. The algorithms will work like the identification of the visible content in the image, their online purchase and improving their editing, such as low light. There are also several voice commands for sound recognition, including key voice commands, such as cellphone, simulation, video angle video and image search, listening to your voice and helping the smartphone to work.

LG’s representative Ha Jiang said last week in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that instead of hardware changes we focus on smartphone software and AI features because it What was the need and demand for a while?

LG has consisted of many expectations from the V 30 smartphone, which will be presented in many colors and models. These phones are adding AI features for the first time.

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