Winter Olympics|Germany’s rule, occupy 4 gold medals

Germany’s rule, occupy 4 gold medals. Yong Chang, Golden medals were decided in Germany on the third day of Beijing Chang Winter Olympics, while Germany occupied the top position with 4 Golds.

The battalion star Leora Dolmier won the second gold medal in the competition, taking the first position in the Women’s 10km. Anastasia Kristina of Slovakia, Silver, and Anne Basswood of France found the brand of brilliant medals, in the Women’s Snowboard Slope Style event, America’s Jamie Anderson won Gold, Canada’s Larry Blouse Silver, and Anne of Finland won the bronze medal. In Canada, first of all, Russia won second and the US got the third position, the performance of the winner’s team Tessa Virtue and Scott Moore were significant.

In the Men’s Freestyle Skating Moguls, Michael Kingsbury, Canada, met with Golden, Matt Graham, Golden, Australia. Bronze and Japanese Dichi Hara received the bronze medal. The French military officer Martin Forced in the Men’s Biblical 12.5-km pie the first position, Suede’s subsistence silver And Bendrick Dal won the meditation medal.

Norway’s Marine Landi named her gold medal in her jumping, Katherine of Germany, Silver Takanashi of Japan, won the medal of the Berlin Medal. In the 1500 meters of Skating Skating 1500 meters from the West Jordan, the Netherlands defeated Me Hutakaggi in Silver. While Dutch athletes maritime Lenstra won the Bronze medal.

Steadfast on the other day became a cause for some sports. During the Chang Chang Winter Games, the fastest day became the result of some sports, almost all athletes in the Women’s Slip Style could not control themselves due to high speeds, Sunday was also suspended for the same reason. There was no benefit on Monday for one hour, as well as Alpine Skiing had to be postponed for the second time, now the Women’s Genet Salalum event will be held on Thursday.

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