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New animation increase. By the end of this year, 157 new amusement icons will be offered for Android and iOS operating for Smartphone. An Unusual Consortium ‘The Unicorn Concur’ has announced that more than 157 new emails are being added to the world of Amazon.

On the other side, there are more favorable mileage fees, on the other hand, cupcakes, lobster, naval pirate flags and other famous. These amogs include hairstyle and hairstyle with hairstyles, which will be released by the Bhagalalai and Ganj Pin hunting. On the other hand, the number of animal amplitude has also been increased

Cingro, Lama, Hans, and mosquito are remarkable. Also, cold face and party fees are being offered. There are some new superheroes and villains on this list. Also, there will be the amusement of sewing, embroidery, sweater, and skateboarding. After announcing by Unicode Consumerium Apple and Google software makers have started creating emoji in their own style, however, the iPhone’s among will be quite different from the Android phone.

Although both versions of the mobile phone will start coming by the end of the year and the Apple Company offers its new version in June every year, the new IOS is presented in the autumn and Android is endowed in the end of the year. Will add

After this addition, the number of approved apartments for smartphones will be 2823. According to Unicode Consumer Scheme, it has introduced an ammo that can represent every color and race people in recent days.

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