Science|Technology|Cotton-colored treatment starts with the chemical.

Cotton-colored treatment starts with chemical. Experts from the University of California and Redmond Medical University have treated many malaria patients successfully diagnosed with this chemical.
 The new research has shown that a commonly used chemical blue dye methylene blue, which causes malaria-causing parasites to cause rapid and does not have any negative effects on humans.

Experts from the United States University of California and Red Bound University Medical Center in the California African Country Financial have treated many patients with malaria in this colorful way. He also added Diane Matheline Blue to another Chinese chemical and healed patients with malaria in various patients with Malaria.

Another important thing is that if they take the second time to mosquito mosquitoes even though Malaria cannot spread to other patients, experts have published all this research in the scientific journal named Lynn, and the critics have declared it important in the end of malaria.

It is clear that the other way healing a patient with a patient after several days after healing, he can also illness another healthy person from the parasite in his blood, but not in case of dye methylene and this method Patients present in the patient’s blood in the patient are also destroyed. This is because, after paralysis of malaria, parasites of malaria remain in the blood for more than a week, and other healthier people may be affected by it.

On this color tone boom and his colleagues have been investigated and according to them, malaria-chronic malaria tissue may be very useful. Tunon Boomsma further added that these tests have been tested on their own, and this shows the urine color purple, which can cause a little bit of trouble, and therefore, some medicines in the medicine are now being tried to eliminate this condition. Is.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 21 million people are suffering from malaria every year, in which 4 million 29,000 people are becoming deprived of the disease, including African children.
Although this color has been used in many medical tasks before it, many sides and hazardous side effects have also been mentioned, which have not been mentioned in this research.

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