Cricket|T-Twenty20|New Zealand beat England by 12 runs

T Twenty20 series: New Zealand beat England by 12 runs. In the wicket played in Wellington, England team Josh Butler won the toss and first invited New Zealand to bat, while the host team performed a stunning batting and scoring 196 for 5 wickets, in which the England squad was set I made 184 runs on 9 wickets.

In the pursuit of the target, the England team had to face the loss of 14 runs in the total score of 14, which became the team of only 8 runs. Alex Heles and David Malan took aggression on the second wicket and set 65 runs partnership.

Heels scored 47 runs on 24 balls with 3 balls and 6 squares, and Ashish became the victim, after which the series of wickets continued, but David Malan continued to resist.

After the loss of wealth on the total score of 158, the match got out of England, which remained significant by 59 runs with 2 sixes and 6 squares, JM Wins 10, Captain Butler 2, Sam billing in other batsmen. 12, Wales 21 and Jordan scored 6 runs. New Zealand made Trent Bolt, Ash Sudhi and Mitchell Senator 2,2 when Tim Savory got a wicket.

Earlier, New Zealand bowled off when opener batsman Martin Gupta beat the England bowlers well and played a stunning stroke on all four sides of Gordon with 65 balls in 40 balls with 3 balls and 6 squares. Colin Monroe Mark Chipman 20 and Grand Home were scored without any runs.

Keven Captain Can Williamson played a stunning and responsible batting while playing for 72 runs in 46 balls with 72 runs, including 4 sixes and 4 fours, respectively on the basis of the same performance in the match. went.

The idea is that in the quarter-end series, Australia is one after success in three matches, while New Zealand has played 2 matches so far that it had to face success and one in one. The England team has played three matches and defeated all three

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