Advice to limit the technology of Apple’s CEO schools

Advice to limit the technology of Apple’s CEO schools. London, CEO of the leading American company ‘Apple’ advised technology to reduce the use of technology as a dangerous and advised it to limit it.

Addressing students at a UK school, Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Kick informed the potential concerns of the use of technology in teaching and said that I do not believe in the use of technology and unmatched use. Not one of those who assumes a lot of technology and does not even believe that they will be successful by using technology all the time.

Tim Cook advised limiting the unlimited use of technologies in schools, saying, “Will we use technology if it is a course of literature?” Surely not. He further added that the use of technology in schools would have to be taken care of and should have to introduce the monitoring process.

It is clear that scientists have expressed concern over the use of Tablet or iPad in the teaching process, warning that continuous use of electronic devices affects brain cells, which reduces reading ability.

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