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Pink color magic for South Africa. South African won the match in his ‘Punk Day match’ in India against Johannesburg, not only to record the record of being unbelievable in Pink Jersey but gave the series a new life.

Earlier, South Africa played seven matches in pink jerseys and won seven. The idea is that ‘Punk One Day’ is a major contribution to the international cricket team in South Africa, as players gather for fundraising, stakeholders, and admirer’s cancer. The fund collected in this match with Charlotte Maximum Hospital The Bist Care Center will be provided.

South Africa won five wickets in the second match with Dick Wicket Lausanne in the fourth match of the series being played in the vendors. India played 289 for the loss of seven wickets in the first 50 overs in the first innings, in which India’s opener Shikhar Dhoni scored his 100th match, while captain Vetty Kohli played 75 runs in an innings. Much rain and heavenly power Due to many times, and for the last time South Africa got the target of 202 runs in 28 overs.

Earlier, India has won its position by winning three matches in six matches and it was the last chance to save the series for South Africa. After the loss of Hashim Ammal, captain Markram and ABD overalls, South Africa team and fans had left hope, but there was a lot of dramas in the rain-hit match.

First, Sri Suresh left David Miller’s catch and then bolded on a nine-ball. After these two occasions, he hugged for a free hit and further restored his confidence and scored 39 runs with 28 balls with two sixes and four fours.
On the other hand, Hanker Kline played 27 balls with 27 balls in an unbeaten 43-run inning, while Sparkeau scored 23 runs in five balls with three balls and one wicket in the swing of South Africa.

The spinners who were troubled by South Africa so far were on the target of Miller, Clinic, and Sparkwave in this match. He scored 119 runs in the eleven overs and got three wickets.

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