Beijing Chang|Guangzhou Nig|South Korea, Germany’s first day occupy 2 gold medals in Wintgheim

Germany’s first day occupy 2 gold medals in Wintgheim. Beijing Chang, Guangzhou Nig, South Korea, On the initial day of Winter Games 5 gold medals were decided in which Germany seized 2 gold medals, while South Korea, Netherlands, and Sudan also won one gold medal.

On the opening day of the 23rd Winter Games, Leura Delmier, Germany, won the medal on the brilliance with Pharmacies, who won the first position in the Women’s 7.5km, Norway’s Maritime Olsubo silver, while the Czech Republic Veronica Vetokova made the medal But done it

The performance of Finland’s Kyissa mechanics was disappointing, Anderson Valencia of Germany won the gold medal in Men’s Normal Hill Individual event. Carlgren of the Netherlands has named Gold medal at Leeds 3000 meters speed skating. The 1500 meter short track speed South Korea’s Long Haven won the match in skating.

The first gold medal of the pre-medals won by Sueidon, Soyen’s Charlotte Black in the Sky Thought event won the first position by defeating Norat Bogerigen in Norway, set the first position in the 7.5 mm wide length of a 7.5-kilometer meter. 44.9 Seconds Performances show, Bojerigen may be second at the difference of 7.8 seconds, he has been able to win 11 medals so far in the Winter Olympics, and the medal was named as Crystal Parma Kochi of Finland’s Finland, watching the competition on the Alpine Cross Country Center.

There were a large number of fans. North Korea’s first athletes were enthusiastically welcomed to join Beijing Chang Wintgems but failed to qualify for Chu Wool Songman round in the short track speed skating event, North Korea-based chairs were fully supported by Chu Weidong The 25-year-old Ski 1500 metric could not access the semi-finals.

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