Mark Zuckerberg|Facebook| Social Media|Facebook,started a trial ‘Feature Vote’ feature

Facebook started a trial ‘Feature Vote’ feature. California: Facebook is testing a new feature, in which consumers can register negative feedback on ‘Cement’, which is named as a “vote vote” button, but it will not be like ‘disconnect’.

The comment you will vote by depicting the unwanted will soon disappear from your eyes, ie, your wall will disappear, but Facebook will ask you some questions to know why. The user will have to tell that this purchase is unwanted, misleading, non-profit or something.

The Facebook spokesman confirmed the new update, saying that the download button is currently in trial stages and will be introduced regularly after the full experience and analysis. The Facebook spokesman further said that currently, this option is using a few people in the United States who will be asked about this feature after the trial.

The company has clarified that the number of votes vote on the property will also be kept secret from consumers. The purpose of this move is to get a feedback on comments on the publication of public pages.

Facebook tried to introduce ‘disconnect’ button on consumer desires on the ‘opt’ option while keeping the concerns of negative results, it was stopped and then introduced new emails in response to post-response.

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