Reddit|deepfakes|Social Relations Website Reddit has banned ‘fake loan’

Social Relations Website Red Atom banned ‘fake loan’Leading web site Red Atom has banned ‘fake loan’. It means that images and videos that are placed in a pornography or video without a person’s consent, will no longer be shared on this site.

This decision has been made by Red Eight after a software-artificial intelligence through which it has become relatively easy to produce such a kind of video. The idea that Red Hat’s website was being used to share and communicate ‘Deep Fax’ videos in recent times.

Website administrators have also reviewed their policy regarding low-quality children. Prior to this, Twitter, Jeffrey Kate and Parnin Hub banned the Deep Fax, which was also the type of ban on Red Era. Some users of the main Red Eat may be incompatible with the decision that in 2017, with regard to the right-right two tunnels in this year 2017, there is also a possibility of expressions of expression.

Red Atom’s new policy-related policy states that it is prohibited to spread ‘made images or videos made during or without sexual intercourse without any permission of the person, even if it describes it in fake detail. At Depth Depot on Depth, there were more than 91 subscribers of sub-radzes and after the announcement, it was included in the first forums.

At the same time, the website has also deleted the forum called ‘Callback’, which is about duplicate images of Shobiz’s renowned personalities and made seven years ago. Usually, a specific software is used to create videos of this kind. According to the designer’s designer, it has been downloaded more than one million times in less than a month.

Sex photos are being done for more than a century, but it is a hard work and videos are more difficult to tease with videos. Realistic advertising requires technique and budget like Hollywood. But now this work is very easy. Collect photos of the selected person, choose a pornographic video and then wait. Your computer will do the rest, however, although a small video may take longer than 40 hours.

The most famous Deepfax are celebrities, but you can do this by getting some of the clear pictures and when people post a lot of their self-evidence and pictures on social media, this work is no more difficult. This technique has got attention worldwide. In recent times, South Korea Internet users have seen the discovery of ‘Deep Fax’. Which is probably one of the reasons why the 23-year-old Korean pop star Selen had many Deep Fax videos.

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