Wats app group calling feature introduced|video group calling features.

What’s app group calling feature introduced? The mobile phone-leading Messaging Application Wats app introduced the audio and video group calling feature features. According to the details, there are millions of users around the world, leading mobile phone leading applications, which can introduce new features to the company at different times to provide facilities and services.

Wats app reports that Wats app introduced a group calling feature for the Android Beta version, which will now be at least two and more than 4 users can talk to the video or audio call simultaneously. This feature has been temporarily introduced by the Wats app, which is currently available for users using beta versions in Android phones but will be presented soon to ordinary users.

The company has not yet announced that how long the new feature will be available to the general users, but the people using the Wats app have called the group calling a good move. It is clear that Wat’s app administration introduces modern features for consumers’ attention so that they can be ranked in the world of social communication.

Facebook founder and Watson app owner Zakir Burg released the report last year in 2017, according to which the number of people using the Wats app crossed around 1.5 billion and consumed more than 60 billion users each day. Remember that the Wats App introduced the ‘Business app’ for small-scale business users, which is now available globally, using businessmen to keep their clients constantly Can stay in touch. Remember that the Wats app two years ago introduced the feature of audio calling on the style of style, which has so much innovation within one year that the video calling feature of the Wats app last year came in.

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