The world’s most powerful rocket Falcon departed on Heavy First Space Mission

The world’s most powerful rocket Falcon departed on Heavy First Space Mission. American company Spies X has left spacecraft rocket named Falcon Heights from Florida’s Canadian Kennedy Space Center. This rocket is larger in volume and it is being declared as the most powerful.

Alison Mosk, head of the head of Space X, said that the possibility of the first flight of the new rocket is a foothold. Falcon Heavy is now the most talented one of the available space vehicles.

The rocket was released from Florida in the same place where the man started the moon’s journey before and now the date is being re-written, and the final goal of this mission is to bring humans to Mars. The design of this rocket is such that it can take up to 64 tonnes of goods in the ground orbit – that can fly in London with five double-decker buses.

Allen Musk says it’s more capable than the world’s second powerful rocket Delta For Heavy, but it has a quarter of the cost compared to it. Due to the risks related to the first experimental mission, Musk has decided to spend less weight, including his red Tesla sports car. If all its stages are successful and their address will take about six hours after filling the flight, Tester and its passengers will be sent to the orbit of the Sun, which will reach the planet Mars.

Three of the Falcon X-Falcon vehicles are tied together in Falcon Heavy. And by the usual XP X, they all provide power at all times. The lower part of the rocket has returned to the ground in a controlled manner. The other two returned to the Touch-Zones in the south of Kennedy, on the Florida coast, whereas the third booster had to cross the hundreds of kilometers to the drone-powered drone station.

During the launch, the video signal was disconnected from drone strikes, so there is no knowledge about the third booster. However, heavy tissue with cargo test began with the hope that it would come out to reach Mars.Will be And it depends on the fact that the engine will fire successfully on three different stages in the upper stages and the third and last ignition will be after a long run.

Before the flight, Mr. Moskck said that this is the stage they were most concerned about. At the top stage, the Earth’s Mediterranean will pass through the radiation area, which is called Van Allen belt, and it may affect the electrical system.

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