The successful flight of the first passenger drone in China

Beijing: The successful flight of the first passenger drone in China. China has reported a successful trial of a traveler who lives in Volvo Copter style. He has been named E-Hung 184, which is being considered suitable for flying in every season.

Although it has been presented in several major international exhibitions, the company now announced that this drone can fly 130 kilometers per hour by taking several passengers at a time. As proof, the company has released its first video.

The e-hang structure is made of carbon fiber and aluminum fittings. The company has claimed that thousands of flights have been done so far. E-Hang 184 is capable of flying in every kind of season and is completely automated. Drones have also been tested in such aerial winds that are created in the storm of the seventh category, and it can fly easily in the rain and sharp winds. The company claims it is the world’s first fully independent passenger drone. If you sit on a display and set your destination, it simply leaves there. It is fog or very hot, it also keeps all kinds of weather intensity.

The high officials of the company have also tested the drone strike. All of its motors rotate with electricity instead of fuel. It can fly up to 25 minutes on an hourly charge. A video released on YouTube has EE Hang’s CEO Hosei and Guangzhou’s deputy mayor Wing Dong can be seen sitting. According to the company, at least 9 km long flights were also taken, while its height was just 1000 feet. The company said that the security of the nearest passenger near them is the most important, and in the meantime, the design of the drone is being improved better.

It is clear that this company is also in touch with the Dubai Transport Authority and the US State Nevada and will prepare a passenger drone.

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