Major success in eliminating cancer from injection in mice

Major success in eliminating cancer from injection in mice. Stanford: Experts are trying to break their heads around the globe, and now American specialists have achieved an important breakthrough in treating gastrointestinal tumors (tumors) through an injection.

Scientific scientists of the Stanford University School of Medicine, located in California, have included injection of small amounts of two important agents (special chemicals) in California, which demonstrates movement of the immune system inside the body, according to the study published in Science Transitional Medicine. By doing this, it is able to eliminate solid juice.

Dr. Ronald Levy, the central science of this research, said that when we used to mix two important agents, the whole body of the body ended. It is currently tested on mice. On this one hand, there is no need to know the specific security system of the tumor, nor does the patient need to tackle the entire security system.

According to scientists, their vaccination has reached near human test and an agent inserted injection has already passed the FDA for human treatment, while the second is part of the clinical trials of many types of cancer and hopefully Regularly will be approved for humans.

Although many ways of treating cancer treatment have been done, some of their side effects have come, but Stanford’s experts can be much better in that case.

According to Dr. Levi, the small amount of agents used injection activates self-immune cells, and then it begins to break and endanger the cells. We know that one of the blood cells of cells is cells T cells that usually maintain body security and fight cancer cells, but they can easily cheer them off by releasing them by releasing them. It keeps messaging.

Experts also added a few micrograms of both agents injection and reached them to a severe part of the juice, T cells were activated, reached juicy and targeted the cells there. According to Stanford experts, this method has been very helpful in eliminating many types of cancer.

Experimentally, this process was tested on 90 cancerous rats, out of which 87 cats were cleared from cancer, but in the remaining 3 the cancer was re-born, but it also ended up with another injection again. These mice were suffering from breast, intestines and skin cancer.

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