Apple dreamed to earn 100 billion rupees

Apple dreamed to earn 100 billion rupees. At present, the number of company’s active divisors is a billion thirty billion, the company has made 88 billion 30 million business in the first quarter.

The famous American company Apple’s dream of putting $ 100 billion in the first quarter of the financial year 2018 was not fulfilled. Apple released the first quarter of the current financial year, according to which the company earned a total of US $ 88 billion 30 billion dollars.

Although the company’s earnings increased by 13 percent, however, the earnings were less than the estimates of which American enterprises estimated. According to the report, the number of active Apple devices around the world reached January 30,

Which is a new milestone for the company? In a report released on February 1, Apple said that the company’s share in the first quarter also witnessed the increase in the share of the company, even when the company revenues its investors even more than $ 14 billion.

The report said in a statement regarding the Apple CEO’s report that the company introduced the new mailbox due to the iPhone X introduced on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone in 2017. Due to the iPhone X, the company’s earnings increased by 13 percent, but the company failed to earn it is $ 100 billion earning target.

The company got the highest revenue from the sales of the iPhone, the company got more profits from iPod sales. It is clear that the price of iPhone X introduced in 2017 was set from the US $ 999 to 1149.

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