Eye-worn computer, The attempts to prepare smart glasses for a long time, Has done

Eye-worn computer. The attempts to prepare smart glasses for a long time have been unsuccessful due to Google, even the Snapper failed to impress such device devices, but now the world’s largest chipmaker Intel introduces its smart glass. Has done

These smart glasses like vents are just like normal springs, and they do not seem to see that they are equipped with modern technology.

For this spa, Intel has used a simple plastic frame that is less than fifty grams and it works on both sides of simple and eyeless, while the camera is not given. In simple words, if they are worn, people will just feel that you have a look and smart glass will not be minded.

But inside the glasses, there are low power laser, a processor, xmometer, Bluetooth chip, and compass. According to Intel, this laser is extremely low power and makes a monochrome image of 400 x 150 pixels in front of the eyes.

From this photo you can know that no one can send a birthday, notifications from your phone, or glasses, if you see in the kitchen, you can know about cooking skills. Since the laser is a beam directly from Retina, the image is always in Focus.

According to the company, in the near future, these glasses will give access to a microphone and digital stunts, but its first version will be controlled with head control. It is not clear that how long will Intel’s smart glasses be available, but according to the company, developers’ platforms are being created in this regard.

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