Apple iPhone will now repair free iPhones

Apple iPhone will now repair free iPhones. Apple is the most expensive smartphone but now many users face a major problem, which the company has confessed to itself. Many users are experiencing failure to call phone calls, and the color does not display after the bell.

Many users have filed Apple’s official forum complaint complaints, after which the company issued a statement that they are aware of this problem and investigating it.

According to consumer complaints, those caller IDs cannot be seen shortly after the phone call arrives, and this problem persists from six to ten seconds, which can not be taken by the call.

A user complained while saying, “I can not see it when I am often called call,” says a bell, sometimes it gets delayed that the call is cut. ” Even in December 2017, the users complained about this problem but could not be resolved by the IOS 10.2.5 update last month, but it is still not clear whether it is due to hardware or software Is.

During the last few months, many issues related to iPhone X hardware have come up. Last November, some users complained about emerging green lines on the phone display. After that, a bug in front of the device which was preventing the device from working in cold temperatures.

It was believed that the iPhone was with features such as X-to-to-One LED Display and Fee ID and Apple chose complex hardware to identify face recognition. Apple company has offered free repair of affected mobile phones to affected users when the issue of signals in iPhone 7 comes.

Apple has admitted that due to the error in the logic board of a few phones on the iPhone 7, some users faced a ‘nine service’ despite the presence of signals, but the affected people can now correct the issue right away.

According to Apple’s official website, such anxiety that was detected, sold in China, Hong Kong, Japan, USA and Macao between September 2016 and February 2018.

The iPhone 7 free repair facility will be available for mobile models A1660, A1780, and A1779. While the mobile phone number is listed on the back cover. The company will remain in touch with the affected users by email and the disconnection of mobile signals can be filed on the company’s official website. It is clear that this offer is only for consumers who have purchased iPhone 7 from 2016 to 2018.

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