Former Australia Fast Bowler declared retirement from the cricket

Former Australia Fast Bowler declared retirement from the cricket. The former fast bowler, Doug Bollinger, left-handed Bowling, announced retirement from all formats. New 36-year-old Peaser, who scored his Test debut against South Africa in 2009, represented by Kingrooz in 12 Test matches and got 50 wickets from the average of 25.92.

Doug Bollinger’s best bowling is 28/5 in this short test career, in March 2010 against New Zealand in Wellington. Doug Bollinger took his place against Dubai on April 24, 2009, where he could not get one wicket, but in the second of the three-match series, 35 runs out of the game took out 5 players The best bowling is.

He scored 62 wickets from the average of 23.90 in 39 matches, while he only bowled 8 in his wicketkeeper, where his highest score was 30 runs, on 21 January 2011 at Hobart’s position against England. Made

Left-handed peacock remained in tie-tie for 9 times Cingoes Alvin and he got 9 wickets in his career. The unique thing about his T-Twenty20 career is that he got one wicket in each of his matches while scoring only one run while batting just two times.

Doug Bollinger played his final cricket match against Australia’s Scorching Scores in Australia’s Big Bee League 18-2017, in which he had to face defeat. Dog Bolinger started his first-class career by New South Wales at 03-2002, and he got 411 wickets in his 124-match career.

He thanked the Australian International Team and the New South Wales Team Management, saying he was a general player but his team gave them the opportunity to show their capabilities.

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