Football World Cup Trophy for the first time in Pakistan

Football World Cup Trophy for the first time in Pakistan.FIFA World Cup trophy reached Pakistan for the first time in Pakistan’s history, where private hotel ex-French footballer Christon Carmen highlighted it. The great cricketer of Pakistan, Younis Khan, singer Momina Strahan, Katahdin Baloch and actor Maya Ali, reached the trophy by taking the trophy through private flights.

Kaimalullah, the captain of the Pakistan Football Team at the airport, received the trophy, after which it was transported to a private hotel in Lahore, where the trophy ceremony was arranged. Talking to the media during the event, in 1998, France’s World Cup winner, footballer Christine Kerman said, “I am very pleased to reach Lahore.” He said that the first time in Pakistan, the FIFA trophy was honored.

Former French footballer said that there are people who love football games in Pakistan, we can improve our future through sports. On this occasion, Pakistani cricket star and great batsman Younis Khan talked to media representatives, saying, “Nearby me is one of the world’s most popular games and the FIFA trophy is very big for Pakistan.”

Kalimullah Khan, the captain of the Pakistan Football Team, expressed his views, “I never thought that Pakistan would come for the FIFA World Cup trophy.” He added that trophy for Pakistan’s footballers is encouraged and I think one day Pakistan will get a high position in football.

The trophy of the FIFA World Cup 2018 regularly began its journey from London on January 22, which will visit 91 cities of 51 countries of the six continents during its long run.

This time FIFA has also made a tour of several countries, where the FIFA trophy was not taken before and countries like Mongolia, Iceland and Austria will also host the World Cup trophy event for the first time.

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