Reduction of sleep increases sweet food demand

London: Scientists have discovered another loss of sleep reduction that desire to eat fewer gold increases. The relationship between sleep reduction and healthy life has become stronger. Experts from Kings College London have studied the people who were sleeping for a short period of time.

Experts added 42 healthy youth to this study. He was then divided into two groups. A group was well slept and slept. Such volunteers add a half hour to their sleep and prevent sleeping habits such as caffeine or any other sleeping beverage before bed. Similarly, their stomach was not full nor was empty or hungry before going to the bed, or in both cases, sleep is affected. After a week his sleep was calm and its duration was routine.

In contrast to this, another group continued its routine and was not given any such advice. One week later, both the groups were diagnosed with their nutritional habits and sleeping hours, and they were wearing the sensors (movement notebooks) sensors throughout the week. Meanwhile, the time spent on the bed and the sleeping time, both were noted.

After the study, its results were amazing. Those volunteers took a normal sleeping night at night, they ate less sugar on the next day. Those who spend more sleep at least 10 grams of lesser sugar eat daily, while fewer sleep consumers are more likely to eat and drink fatigue.

This research has been done by Wendy Hall and her colleagues who have a diabetic glance at King’s College. He says that good and balanced sleep changes lifestyle and adopts it healthy. He said that a sleep of 7 to 8 hours daily can reduce the habit of eating thanksgiving.

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