Pakistan Super League 2018, schedule of the match continues

PSL 2018: The schedule of the match continues. Pakistan Cricket Board has announced the schedule of the last-day Pakistan Super League 2018, “Most of the PSL’s matches will be held in the United Arab Emirates, but the Schedule has been released according to the Pakistan Times.” According to schedule, this wonderful event will begin on February 22, and this match of cricket will reach the end of March 25, 2018, in Karachi. The two teams proving themselves best in the event are pioneering for the trophy in city leadership. Will be

According to the schedule, Multan Sultanzil, Peshawar Zalmai, will be contesting in Dubai on Friday, Quetta, Gulshan Eaters vs Karachi KARACHI, will be held on Friday, February 23 at 4:30 pm. On the same day, Multan Sultanzada vs Lahore Qalandar will be in front of Dubai at 9 am.

On Friday 24th Islamabad Islamabad United PESHAWAR Zalmai Syria will celebrate the evening of 4:30 pm in Dubai ‘Saturday 24 February Quetta Gladiator vs. Lahore Qalandar will be a contestant in Dubai at 9.30 pm. On February 25, Islamabad, Multan against the United Arab Emirates, will be held at Dubai at 4:30 pm while on February 25, Karachi KARACHI vs Peshawar Zalmai will fight Panj in Dubai at 9:00.

On Monday 26th February Karachi Karachi fortnight will be a contestant in Dubai at 9.00 pm. On Wednesday, 28th February, Quetta Guladi Eight night, Sharjah, on Thursday, March 1, Quetta Guladi Eater vs. Peshawar Zalmai at 9pm, Sharjah, on Friday 2 March Multan Sultan vs versus Karachi Kings 4:30 pm Sharjah, Friday 2 March Lahore Qalandar versus Islamabad night Sharjah will come in front of 9 am.

On Saturday, March 3, Quetta Guladi Eight vs Multan Sultanzada was shocked at 4:30 pm Sharjah, on Saturday 3th March, at Peshawar fortnight Lahore Qalandar at 9:00 pm, Wednesday morning on Wednesday, 4 March, at Karachi, Karachi, KARACHI, a nightclub at 9 am. Sharjah, March 6, PESHAWAR: Multan Sultanz night Dubai, March 7, Quetta Guladi Eight vs. Multan Sultanzee, 9 pm Dubai, Thursday 8 March Islamabad, United Arab Emirates vs Lahore Qalandar evening, 4:30 PM Dubai, Thursday 8 March Quetta Goldie Eater vs Karachi Kings contest in Dubai at 9 pm Will.

On Friday 9th March Multan vs Lahore Qalandar evening, 4:30 pm Dubai, Friday 9th, Peshawar, Zalmai vs Islamabad, night 9 pm Dubai, Saturday 10 March Multan Sultan vs versus Karachi evening 4:30 am Dubai, Saturday 10 March, Peshawar Quetta vs Quetta Gladiator Eight night at 9 am, Lahore KARACHI vs Lahore KARACHI night at 9 am Dubai, Monday 13 March, at Multan Sultanabad vs. Islamabad United on Saturday night on Wednesday, March 14. Quetta vs Quetta Tehreek-e-Lahore Lahore Qalarat at 9:00 am Sharjah, Thursday 15 March Karachi Kalam vs Karachi Kings 4:30 pm Sharjah, Thursday 15 March Quetta vs Gladiator Islamabad Islamabad night at 9:00 pm The Friday, March 16, Peshawar, Lahore Qalandar zlmy vs Sharjah 4:30 pm, Fri 16 Mar Islamabad Karachi United vs Kings will try hard 9 o’clock the night.

Similarly, the play-off matches will be played on Sunday 18 March, the Coffee Team 1 vs the qualifying team at 2 nights 9 pm in Dubai. On Tuesday, March 20 qualifier team 3 vs qualifier team 4 is one of the other contests, but the match was not fixed yet. Lahore, qualifier team 1 Lauser vs qualifier team 2 win ‘This match is still not fixed’ in Lahore. On Sunday 25 March S will be the final of the date-making event in Karachi but the final set of time is still final.

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