Ben Stokes is once again the most expensive foreign player in the IPL

Ben Stokes is once again the most expensive foreign player in the IPL. In the auctions for the Indian Premier League, England’s Ben Stokes became one of the most expensive players to join once again when Royal Challengers Bangalore bought them for £ 14 million.

Stuccas were successful in becoming the most valuable player last year when Rising Pune super gains bought them for £ 1.5 million. On the other hand, a team did not show interest in buying England’s Joe Root. Speaking about Ben Stokes, Bangalore’s Chief Executive Ranjit B Thaker said, ‘Ben Stokes is today’s and future players.’

Steve’s homeland Chris Wuxs will also represent Bangalore with them, which were purchased for 8,200,000 pounds. In addition to this, England’s wicketkeeper Jose Butler was bought at 485,000 pounds, while All-rounder Mine Ali 187000 pounds and batsman Jason Roy were bought for 165,000 pounds.

Amazingly, England’s Test captain, Joe Root, did not buy any team, and also a team did not show interest for South Africa’s Hashim Ammah and Chris Gay of West Indies.
Various franchisees had already picked up 18 players before the auction of the players and they were not part of the bid, including Indian captain Virat Kohli, former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Australian batsman David Warner. The other players who were bought for the risky money included Australian bowler Mitchell Stark, Chris Lincoln, and Chris L. of Indian Batsman, who were bought more than one million pounds.

Remember that England’s International Studios will appear in the Bristol Majority Court on February 13, where they will explain about the incident in September last year, which they alleged that they killed him in a fight with a person. He was injured. This year, Indian Premier League tournament will start from April 7, where two years later, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals will be back. Both the teams were banned for two years in connection with corruption.

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