The first stadium was full now empty in Pakistan Hockey’s world-renowned player, Paul Lincoln

Hockey’s world-renowned player, Paul Lincoln, says that the Pakistan Hockey Federation will have to work hard to recover the lost Pakistani hockey position and have to compromise itself with the needs of the sensor. Paul, who belonged to Holland, came on a brief tour of Pakistan with the Latin World Alliance. In this tour, he was also included in the Hall of Fame by Pakistan Hockey Federation.

Remember that due to Paul Lincoln, the reputation was to hit the crawlers and he was long honored to be the highest goal in international hockey. His 268 round record was named by Sohail Abbas of Pakistan.

70-year-old Paul Lincoln said in his special interview that he has come back to Pakistan again. It seems to be yesterday that Holland’s team won the third Champions Trophy in 1981 and was the most goal player in the tournament. He remembers that Karachi’s hockey was filled with the club’s Pakistan Stadium fans, but this time when they came to Pakistan, the stadiums of Karachi and Lahore were not filled with fans. Nepal Lt Genj said that the international hockey started in Pakistan. Pakistan hockey federation needs to do a lot to do. Most importantly, the security of foreign players is a guarantee. If Pakistan Hockey Federation succeeds it, foreigners will come to Pakistan.

On the question about the fall of Pakistani hockey, Paul Lattenzger says it is very difficult to say something because no team is at all at the top and the outcome results are not in favor of it if Pakistan is again ranked hockey in hockey. If you have to get it, you will have to adopt modern methods of training and practice.

The Holland’s example said that he had won the European Championship last year but the results of Holland have not been good in the World Cup. He said that Holland always says when he played in the past. During that period, Pakistan had some of the best players in which Samiullah and Adhauddinuddin had to control the speed and skill and fortunately we had an effective weapon of Panel Corner.

When Paul Littenzz was reminded, when he was severely wounded by a sharp hit of his Penalty Corner, Paul Lt. Lenzz responded that he was sorry but he was happy that Reformuddin returned to International Hockey. Paul Lincoln says he was not surprised at breaking his record Sohail Abbas’s hand because records in the game occur only to break.

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