Sydney: England pulled Australian, team its happen!

England pulled Australian team from heaven to earth.The Australian team, which won 4-0 in the Ashes series, is completely visible in the One-Day format, England won the first three wickets in the five-match series to get a decisive edge.

The Australian team, who was pursuing the target of 303 runs, was scored 286 for 6 wickets, opener Aaron Finch, 62, Stats 56 and Mitchell Marsh with 55 runs, while captain Steven Smith also remained prominent with 45 runs. But all of them also proved to be inaccessible, Wood, Vioxx, and Adil voted for the two players.

New Zealand defeat Pakistan with seven wickets in first T20 match

The Australian team scored the opportunity to score a big score due to the deficit of the Australian team, and the hostels also scored a run-off with a drop of three catches, taking advantage of the guest-friendly by 30 runs on 6 wickets.

Initially the Australian team struggled before Phil Attake before Australia who scored 4 wickets on 107 runs, but later the team took place, finally, Butler and Wyachesk scored a combination of 302 runs while scoring Cingro Atak’s wickets. But, Butler 100 and Violet were unbeaten with 53 runs, both of whom contributed 111 runs, Butler completed his last innings, Hazel Wood picked up two players.

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