Under 19 World Cup: Green shirts will have to hit strong protection wall to reach the semifinal

Cristist Church: In the Under 19 World Cup, England and Bangladesh also beat the Super League Quarter Final, when green shorts living on top positions in Group D on the run rate would have to reduce strong prostitutes. The 19-year-old Super League Quarter Final was set up, although in Group D, however, Pakistan team defeated the first match in Afghanistan, but the Afghan team lost the final match in Ireland, due to better run rate Green shirts ended their journey with the top position, now their quarter-finals will compete in South Africa in the Crystist Church on January 24.

In the match, Garyam candy scored 37, captain Harry Trick 36 and Nail pacer 35 runs in the match, which took place in the game played at G-Z on Sunday. Former medium-batsman loyal Momand and Left-arm spinner Qes Ahmed took 3/3 wickets. In reply, Afghanistan’s batting line did not meet the expectations and the entire team got out in the last over at the target of only 4 runs, Tutter 3 and Joshua Little out 2 players.

It is clear that the 1998 World Champions had proved to be top-ranked in their group on run-rate basis before the final match, but it did not qualify for 282 runs, without limiting Canada, 120 of Liam Banks and Wil Jacques made 1023 runs for 383 runs, and Canada needed to get the target in 37.5 overs for the honor of playing Bangladesh’s quarter-finals, but the entire team was on 101 runs in 31.5 overs. Aspaid, Asghar Prem Soddia 3, while Adm Finch, Luke Holman, and Roman Waller took 2,2 wickets.

Thus, Group C to England reached the quarter-final quarter of the quarter. New Zealand beat South Africa by 71 runs, and Hafeez Rolefass’s 108 runs could not be defeated by 2014, the 2014 Champions won their last six wickets in only 26 runs. The former Champions West Indies defeated Kenya before 222 runs. The first quarter of the final will be played between England and Australia on January 23, Pakistan and South Africa will compete 24, Afghanistan and New Zealand 25 and India and Bangladesh will play for the semi-finals January 26.

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