T20 rankings: Pakistan’s second position was in danger

Pakistan’s second position in the Twenty20 rank was also in danger, but at least one must win at least one match to avoid sliding. Pakistan started the new year with a top position, but in the same week, New Zealand nominated its home ground-based global champion West Indies by honoring the number one team. Even though green shirts have the opportunity to return to the first number again, for this, they will have to win series in the series with both the KV team and the Commander.

If the Pakistan team win the match in Valentine’s first match on Monday, he will become a number one team again, winning the second match in Auckland on Thursday can be sealed on this position, but if the match is defeated then The team will go to the second position, green tickets will be able to handle the top position again by winning the third match in Wangari on the next Sunday-January 28.

If the Pakistan team wins the first match, both of them will be defeated at the second position, but if one has to face whitewash in a short format like a fast-series series, then the rankings will have to go to the fourth position from second to second. In this case, the position of the Cave on the top will be stable. It is clear that if the Pakistan team gets 3-0 in the series, then New Zealand can be tensed on the fourth.

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