Heart repairer nanoparticles spray

Rome: After a heart attack (heart attack) heart muscles are severely damaged and thus affect the performance of the heart. Now experts have made a spoon containing nanoparticles that lead to lungs, where nanoparticles get rid of their medication and cause heart damage. Deep respiration in the spray keeps the heart repaired and when it is tried on animals, its best results are found.

Nanoparticles containing nanoparticles contained in small amounts are actually small enough to emerge in lungs and join blood. Then the blood circulates in the body and thus the particles go straight into the heart and remove diarrhea. The heart is better after this medicine than Heart Attack. This medicine was tested on such mice whose heart was intentionally created to make a mess that occurred after the heart attack. This results in heart health by observing the amount of blood out of the heart, resulting in every heartbeat. The rate was less than 17% compared to the healthy rat.

When 10 affected mice were given nano-paralytic sprays, they increased blood volume by 15 percent. The University of Parma experts in Italy have done this under the supervision of Professor Michael Maggie. According to them, ‘the rat completely restored’, which is a great success.

Prof. Michael’s team made ninetrics calcium phosphate and calcium phosphate is naturally present in our bones. The purpose of filling it in the nanoparticles was that they could repair the calcium channel after a trip to the cells at the heart cells. These channels work power in one way to help them operate in a normal way.

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