When cricket makes man craying, Its not for Sarfraz Ahmed

India’s team is visiting South Africa these days. World’s Numbers-Tests captain Veteran Kohli refused to play the warm-up match of the tour, saying that what will happen to us by playing club with a team. Instead, he preferred his own training sessions.

There is still a series of series remaining, and India has lost two matches earlier. When Misbah had received the testing mess in September 2016, its foundation was not a victory over any of the UAE fields, but there were victories against England in Lords and Oval. Mickey Arthur asked Misbah to do what was to be done in this position, Mohibah said it was very easy, we would be numbered if we win every match. After the same month, number one team lost the test with the eighth team. Again, both Test runs from New Zealand. Then went to Australia and got a clean swap. Apparently, it was a wonderful surprise that in August, England’s Home Ground squad team was done in October until the defeat took place. But when seen at homework, it shows that cricket does not make any injustice.

When Asian teams get to visit faster or green wickets, they use slabs for practice so that player’s reflexes are ready to cope with the expected bonuses. You will be surprised to know that the tour of New Zealand in the 2016 tour was not available for the team by the start of the first test, and the series of fall started, no number one test team in the month, weeks The cat became a cat inside. The same thing is exactly what Sarfraz’s team is. Six months ago, champions won the trophy. Then beat the World Xion. Clean Sri Lanka twice in short format. The team had spit out before the tour was reached. The prototype killers did not expect to win well, it was certain that the competition would be seen.

But at the moment, Champions Trophy winner has become a clean sweep in the Pakistan Five-day series. Analysis of the defeat in cricket journalism is the simplest task. The first target is to captain. A half-century bowlers and batsmen are wrapped together. If you still do not mind, take a coach for a while. If you do not have an opportunity, the selection committee will be dispersed. After that, some of the flames remain tight, then tighten the board’s board.

The question is, what is the world’s fattest man playing to lose, leaving a few fixture cases? Which bowler wants his team to fail? Which captain does not want to win? Is Azhar Ali flapped with his happiness? Is Amir not intentionally wickets? Did Sarfraz not be able to win the wicket for winning? Last year Australia had to visit India for the series of four Test matches. Prior to the tour, Een Chapel had predicted that Australia would lose this series by four zero. But Smith’s team won the first Test and surprised the other. That’s not, they were also successful in scoring another match, and India won only two matches.

It is a matter of understanding that more than Chapel, who knows what Smith’s team can do. Then how did the expectations of the chapel have been defeated? Chapel’s concerns proved to be false that before leaving India, Australia set a long-conditioning camp in Dubai. For fifteen days, its nerves compatible with Asian standards, and then play warm-up matches by going to India. After saying somewhere, Steve O’After took eight wickets for the first day of the series.

In the same way, when Pakistan won two tests on England’s tour, there was a two-month training in Abbottabad, which later became the foundation of the Messiah Push-up and Silite. But when homemade homework, if a team falls into unfamiliar conditions, then whether it is Vicky Kohli’s Humberside or Sarfraz’s World Champion team, the shadow of defeat are in pursuit of this long ago. After losing the second match, Batting coach has said that the batsmen are having trouble dealing with a bonus. Brother, we were also watching it, tell me what did you do to solve this problem?

After the third match, the betting coach said that the balance between blocking and slugging could not be born. Furthermore, it has also threatened that there is no place in such a player. After seeing the next match, I came to know how to sign but still could not win Pakistan.

If this sweat sweep is justified by Sarfraz, then what is the status of all those who were presented to Sarfraz in the way of winning the Champions Trophy victory? Was there a bowling coach Azhar Mahmood in the previous tour of New Zealand? Was not Bachchan coach flora yet? Were not the head coach Mickey Arthur still? Even then, the chief selectors were not the only integrator, who sent a team that once again the oping pair got four times in the five-match series, even Fahim Ashraf and Omar Amin had to be opted out.

In the five matches, many different people from the new ball did. None of the world captains are in the field to defeat the match. He does not defeat his powers, loses with the wrong decisions that are inevitable for him. Sarfraz also suffered from the decisions that he did not interfere with.

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