PHF: Acknowledgement of service hockey stars were awarded

At the hockey hall of fame awards, a foreign emperor was awarded an exemplary award to 5 foreigners and 6 national players. Hockey Hall of Fame Awards held in Karachi last day, in the local hotel, 5 foreigners, and 6 national players were awarded an exemplary award as a reputable award, in Holland’s Paul Legend. Flour-ness John Bolder, German actor Christine Blinken, was given awards to the young man of Spain.

Pakistan’s Olympian Reformuddin Siddiqui, Samiullah Khan, Hassan Sardar, Shahnaz Sheikh, Akhtar Rasool and Shahbaz Ahmed were also included in the award-winning award, Don Donier of Australia received the honor, the foreigners received three, three thousand dollars While the national players were given five, five lakh rupees as awards, guest special minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah will wear a special coat to the award-winning, ex-Test cricket captain Maine Khan, former national hockey captain Shahid Ali Khan, Mansoor Ahmed, Ayaz Mahmood, Mawaqaq Hussain were also present.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah said that Pakistan would once again retain its lost position, Sindh government will cooperate closely with the development of the national game, he said that Sindh’s strong hockey team I want to build, Government is committed to promoting sports in the province, steps are being taken for the development of national sports in Sindh, 11 fluorophores have been installed in different districts while further installation is being done.

Earlier, PHF President Brigadier Khalid Khokhar paid the greetings and said that there was terrorism in the country due to the fall of hockey, fear and fears caused foreign teams to leave Pakistan, hockey in the country. A strong hockey team will soon be emerging and trying to compete internationally in Malak. Apart from this, the stars are happy to get awards from PHF on the exquisite and unforgettable services in the hockey.

Philos John Bollinger of his famous Penalty Corner Exterior Holland, talking to the representative Express “said that after the decade 80, Pakistan was good to come, PHF tried to restore international hockey in Pakistan.” In the past, Pakistan has done a lot of activities in the field of hockey, international hockey has been a fascinating process after a decade in Pakistan from the advent of World XI, he said that other foreign players including me included PHF By reaching Pakistan on request, in the country’s efforts to restore hockey in this country R is try to play.

I want Pakistan to succeed in retaining its lost place in World Hockey, in its context, I am ready to cooperate with it,” he said, Pakistan is a safe country, and people here love much And to be loved, foreign teams should not have to face Pakistan.

Bollinger said that joining the Hall of Fame is honorable for me, I am grateful to PHF that he appreciated my service, in the 177 match, 268 goal-scoring one and his other one from Holland. The best player and famous Panel Stringer, Paul Legend, said that I am grateful for this postage, the honor given by Pakistan is worthwhile. He said that international hockey should be restored in Pakistan, I have found Pakistan a good and safe country if foreign teams play in Pakistan and hockey will be promoted in this country.

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