New Zealand wins the series by defeating Pakistan in the fifth one-day match.

In the last match of the five-one-day series of wicket-playing games in Wellington, the basin reserve between Pakistan and New Zealand, New Zealand defeated the national team by 15 runs in the series.

New Zealand made 271 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in the over overs, while Pakistan’s innings started proudly by Prakash Zaman and Omar Amin, as usual, Open Openers could not perform special performance as well. Umar Amin and Fakhrmanman, who came to open for the overall score on the overall score, returned to the pavilion , and the one-time player Babar Azam also scored only 10 runs and went out on 31 for the overall score.

Pakistan’s third team pavilion returned to 57, Mohammad Hafeez 6 when Captain Sarfraz Ahmed scored his wicket after only 3 runs, Harris Sohail and Shadab Khan made Pakistan a contribution of 105 runs and Team However, Harris Sohail scored 63 for 162 and Shadab Khan made 54 runs out. After the loss of 7 wickets for 171 runs, none of Pakistan’s players could stand on the wicket for the long run and the entire team finished 256 runs in 49 overs.

Earlier, New Zealand won the toss against Pakistan and made 271 runs for 7 wickets in 50 overs in the first innings, opener Martin Guptill scored 100 runs and became the head of the Roman Empire, Russia Taylor He also made half a century and Fahim Ashraf got out on the ball for 59 runs. Apart from this, the Romanian captain scored 34 and Henry Nicholas on 1 run, Aamir Yamin scored 22 runs off KV Captain Can Williamson. Fahim Ashraf scored 2 runs for Tom Letham, while the second wicket was named when Mitchell Senator scored 1 run. Pakistan’s 3rd position, Fahim Ashraf 2, and Amir Yamin won a wicket.

In the first match of the five-one-day series, New Zealand defeated Pakistan by 61 runs and 8 wickets in the second match as Dick Watch Lausanne, facing the national team in the third innings with 183 runs. In the fourth match of the series, New Zealand defeated Pakistan by 5 wickets.

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