Blood diagnosis through blood ‘critical medical milestone’

Scientists have acquired an important milestone in the world of medicine, namely, diagnosis of blood through the test of blood. A team of scientists at the John Hopkins University of America has tested a procedure where eight common type of cancer can be diagnosed with blood. Its aim is timely diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and many lives will be saved

British experts say that this breakthrough is ‘extremely passionate. However, a specialist has said that more information is required to cure cancer in the early stages to know the effective amount of this test. Vitamin cysts remove very small amounts of DNA and proteins that are included in the blood. This test called ‘Cancer SEEK’ can detect such changes within 16 genes which usually result in cancer resulting from cancer. In addition, it can detect eight types of protein proteins. Its experience was done on 1005 patients who were sick, liver, stomach, lemon, drainage, large intestine or breast cancer, and any other extent did not spread to the other. Overall, this test accurately diagnosed 70% of cancer.

Dr. Chrischie Tomassett, a doctor at Johns Hopkins University’Skin evaluation is very important.’ I understand that it will have a major impact on cancer deaths. The diagnosis of skin cancer is as much as possible. There is no preliminary diagnostic program for five of this eight cancer. Symptoms of pancreatic symptoms are so late that four of the five patients walk within a year of diagnosis. Says Dr. Tomasetti: “Diagnostic at the same time, when it can be removed through surgery, it can create a night and day difference in the patient’s life.”

Experiences are being conducted on cancer secrets, without a cancer diagnosis. This will be the first test of its effective pin. Hopefully, it can be used to diagnose cancer with other methods of screening, such as mammography, and timely evaluation. Cancer sec is a unique test in that it can trace the implicit DNA and vascular muscles simultaneously.

This can lead to detecting many kinds of cancer. The UK-based Health Department, Dr. Grant Elder, told: ‘There are great prospects inside it. I’m very excited. Cancer without a scan through blood test was something that was discovered. ” However, he warned that if this diagnosis is diagnosed with cancer then what should be done. Sometimes cure cancer is worse than the disease. Prostate cancer in men does not have an immediate risk for life, it is better to monitor it rather than treating it.

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