Pakistan tour to New Zealand the bowling saw little dangers in New Zealand

The money of the battery of Pakistan started to end. The bowling saw little dangers in Hamilton in the One-Day match in New Zealand, but Bolster looked unbeaten on the collapse of the Collagen de Grande Homer, Kiwi all-rounder beat the pencil as well as green. Deadly Yorkshire’s shirts were lost somewhere.

If the overall performance of both the teams is reviewed, the host bowler Trent Bolt has hit 8 from 9.88 and Tim Sammy has hit 8.75 averages, Hassan Ali who won 6 wickets in the third position, but he has 36.16 Lokey Ferguson picked up 5 wickets from 27.80 for averages, the Roman Empire scored the same, but scored 43.00.Fahim Ashraf scored 50 runs for 3 wickets, Mohammad Amir’s performance was frustrating when he was ranked 12th in the pacer balls of Pakistan Peace Battery leader, based on his experience, playing all four matches 72. Only 50 wickets were achieved by 50.

Mohammad Aamir only took Harik Sohail, Colin De Grande home, and Shoaib Malik, but the worst is the worst in all the balls when the list of peers and spinners were seen in the entire series. It is clear that the Pakistani top order failed on a new ball, but the peasants could not take any special advantage of hair glow.

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