ICC Awards: Pakistan’s winner in the Champions Trophy is the best moment

The ICC has announced the annual awards, which has been declared the best moment in the Champions Trophy of Pakistan. The International Cricket Council has announced annual awards, according to which the victory in the Champions Trophy of Pakistan has been declared the best moment when the best player in Pakistan’s Hassan Ali Emerging category has been declared, the best player of Afghanistan, Rashid Khan of Afghanistan Has been declared off.

Indian captain Virat Kohli also named the best player of the ICC Sr. Suez Trophy and One Day, Virat Kohli made 6 counts from 76 in the year’s 76th and in the 202 one-day international match, 55.74 Set up record In addition, Australian captain Steven Smith got the ICC Test Cricketer of the Year, he scored 1875 runs in 16 Test matches. South Africa Arizona continued his nomination for the best umpire the second year when India’s Avenger Challenge was awarded the T20 Performances of the Year.

The ICC has also tested the Test and One Day Team of the Year as Virat Kohli, no Pakistani players are included in the Test Team of the Year when Babar Azam and Hassan Ali in One Day Team of the Year. Has been included. In the ICC Test team, South Africa coins de kick, Dan Egger, Kigus Robabaya, Australia’s David Warner, Steven Smith, Mitchell Stark, England’s Ben Stokes, James Anderson, from India as Virat Kohli, Chittiswar Pujara, and Ravi Chandran Ashwin has been added.

Australia’s David Warner and Trent Bolt of the One-Day Team of the Year announced by ICC, Babar Azam and Hassan Ali of Pakistan, Rohit Sharma of India, Virat Kohli and Jupiter Bomra, South Africa ABD Wells and Coinson de Koke, England’s Ben Scotts and Rashid Khan from Afghanistan.

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