14 years later, the return of international hockey in Pakistan

With the advent of World XI in Pakistan, 14-year-long long-term Ben-hockey hockey is going to return to Pakistan. World XI players have started reaching Karachi for two-match series. The first hockey match between Pakistan and World XI will be played in Jeddah on Friday, 19th January in Abdulstar Edhi Hockey Stadium in Karachi. The world’s fifth-largest players including Holland’s City-Opposition Hockey player Paul Lengz have reached Pakistan on Wednesday today.

The current Olympic Champions Argentina and Islamic Champions in the World XI, including Australia, include European champions Holland, Germany, New Zealand and Spain. Sohail Abbas, who is the world’s most famous pioneer of the famous painter Corner Specialist and 348 goals, is the world record of the highest goal to score, will lead the World Alliance in the first match. Argentine’s Diego Pies of Argentina, Ogsten Bugulo, Benny Wesley of Germany, Justice Schroßeeky, Holland’s Roastak Weststop and Rob Rachter, Spain’s French Ferrieski, and Australia’s Shot Hobby are remarkable.

The Pakistani hockey Federation secretary and the great player of the past Shahbaz Sainer told DW that the world’s top players are aware of Pakistan’s happiness. Apart from the current World Hockey Stars, Paul Legends, Flores Bowler, Spin Johnson and Germany’s former captain Kirsten Blanke is also visiting Pakistan. These are the ones that Pakistani people remember today. The arrival of these stars in Pakistan will increase hockey in domestic youth and increase the number of players.

After the 2004 FIF Champions Trophy, due to the Afghan war, international hockey could not be played in Pakistan. According to Shahbaz Hussaini, the purpose of organizing these matches is to convey the message to other countries that Pakistan is a peaceful country.

The first match on January 19th and Karachi will be played in National Hockey Stadium Lahore on January 21st,” Shahbaz said. The entrance will be free. Guest players are being tightened with security arrangements. After meeting the NOC series from the interior ministry, Punjab and Sindh governments are handling security. “Meanwhile, private business company spokesman Badar Rafsan told Deutsche Welle that all foreigners The players will reach Karachi till Wednesday. According to Rafael, concerts have been arranged in Karachi and Lahore stadiums at six o’clock in the evening before the two matches, in which popular singers will sing songs.

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