Preparations for the hockey match from World XI reached the rise

Under the PHF, the first match between the World XI and Pakistan Hockey Team is being played in Karachi for the restoration of the national game hockey. According to the details, the schedule for Abdulstar Hockey Stadium’s Bluetraf on the basis of the match is being finalized, while on the occasion of the match, well-known foreigners and national players will be awarded their awards. The tournament of the foreign players began to participate in the match, the national federation hosts the HA team, the second match between World XI and Pakistan is scheduled at the National Stadium Lahore. PHF officially announced the names of foreign players for the match in Karachi, but some players are suspicious, Pakistan’s Sohail Abbas will also join the World Xion.

Regarding the event, HF vice president Tariq Hadi informed about the details at the press conference on Tuesday. On this occasion, chairman of the selection committee and former national captain, Olympic Correctional, M. Zakir, Badar Rafsan and Olympian Iftikhar Syed were also present on the occasion. Amazingly, PHF chief Brigadier (R) Khalid Khokhar and Secretary-General Shahbaz Ahmad, who participated in the press conference, Tariq Hadi, said that the arrival of the World XI will play an important role in the restoration of hockey in the country.

The former great players, who were not included in this rainbow of fame, will be awarded the next time, the series was started, which needs to be released, added 6 of Pakistan and five foreign players in the Hall of Fame. Pakistan’s former national captain Opposition Reformuddin, Samiullah, Hassan Sardar, Shahnaz Sheikh, Akhtar Rasool and Shahbaz with the help of Holland’s Paul Lincoln, Jungle Boulevard, Germany’s Chris Hussein Blank, Spin’s Johnson and Australian Player Don Prayer. Senior include, 16-year-old World XI player, Holland’s Rob Recorder, Road keeper Philadelphia Boror, Heidi Turketra and Philip Malrobokk, New Zealand’s Philip Bureauvorile Ponty Fax, New Zealand’s Santa Fergies, Ruler Olivier and David Seattle, Australia’s Granny Schwartz, Australia’s Benny Wesley and Justice Chevrocke, Germany’s Austrian Burglar, No heel Sales and Diego Paz is included.

Pakistan’s Sohail Abbas will also be part of World XI, on the occasion, Olympian Reformuddin said that the arrival of World Xi will make the path of international hockey in Pakistan, Badr Rafi said that arrangements regarding match are being made smoothly. World XI Pakistan will be completed by the morning of Thursday, according to the schedule, the World XI players will take part in lightweight practice, after which they will also interact with the media, in the afternoon, a government lunch will arrive, The Hall of Fame will be a musical event later.

The next day, the meeting will be held in the World XI from Governor Sindh, while the evening will be held in the evening at Abdulstar Edhi Hockey Stadium with a cultural show with a musical show, and last night at 8:00 pm, Flood Late Hockey match between World XI and Pakistan Will be played next morning, both teams will be looted to Lahore, where the second match will play at the National Stadium on Sunday evening, on a question, he said that strict security arrangements will be made on the occasion of match, in this regard Sindh Hekmat With the Karachi administration assured me of full trust.

Tariq-ul-Qadri said that he did not know why the National Federation did not take Karachi Hockey Association for this important match and what are the matters of federation due to the haha, the low price tickets have been kept for the match. His worth will be Rs 250,500 and thousand, as a result of finalizing the renovation of the stadium in the match for the last night, PHF studied new bathrooms, dressing room and aisle building at the stadium. The hockey constituents say that on the occasion of this crucial match the organizers see the lack of mutual cooperation.

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