Martha: The youngest player in the third round of the Australian Open

In Australia, Martha Kostiewic has become the youngest player to reach the third round in the Australian Open against the ongoing tennis Grand Slam competition in Australia. Ukraine’s 15-year-old Martha Kostivik reaches Olivia Rogoska in the third round by 6-3 and 7-5. Earlier, in 1997, Maryna Lochch Bravery received this honor. She is also the youngest of the last 32 players in Melbourne. Prior to this, Martin Hinges received this honor in 1996.

He said, “I’m glad that last year played at the Radiator Arena in Rawlore Arena and I had some idea how to play in a big coat.” Martha received a wild card entry in the Australian Open as a Junior Champion last year and she has won five matches so far. After the victory in the match, Martha reached Junior’s career and then her tennis World rankings will be at least 250.

Martha Melbourne had earned five thousand pounds before he arrived. However, after two successes this week, they have earned up to $ 82,000 in prizes. “I already know where to spend this money,” Martha said on winning the money. May I buy gifts for my family, because my family is very big and yes, after that, a little more for yourself. ‘

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