Virat Kohli was punished for improper behavior with umpire

Sachen: Virat Kohli was fined for taking an inappropriate attitude with the umpire, but the Indian captain had the ball on the ground when the outfit was not audited.

In the second innings of the match, India had to stop the match during the second innings during the second innings, and after some time the umpires decided to resume the game, so the Indian captain was out of the field. Many times complained to the emperor Michael Gauff, and if the ball was not received, the ball hit the ball on a furious ground. Later, due to bad light, Kohli expressed concern over the game.

The ICC has accused them of violating the Level One and fined 25 percent match fee, while a negative point has been included in Kohli’s eating. The Indian captain has accepted the sentence after recognizing his mistake.

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