Sarfraz Ahmed declared defeat in the fourth match is very disappointed

Sarfraz Ahmed, the captain of the national cricket team, said that the defeat in the fourth match is very disappointed, proud of the good batting but we could not end up well.

Talking after the match, he said that it was very disappointing on the defeat, the batting line looked very confidently and we could not finish it well, some positive things in the match were also seen, Prakash Zaman did good batting, he said Colin de Grande home by New Zealand is a great betmanine playing excellent innings.

New Zealand captain Ken Williamson said that Pakistan played a good game, he had a good batting, the batting was not better before Colin de Grande’s home and we were in pressure, but he pushed the game as soon as he arrived. It was very special to see how to play, the wicket did not even have the same as we were expecting, the victory also goes to the top order.

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