De Villiers’s half-century, South African position strengthened

South Africa has won the second innings with 100 runs in the second Test against the Indians while its eight wickets remain there.

The match, which was played in Saccharin on Monday, was stopped due to bad light on Monday on the third day of the game, while South Africa had made 90 runs at the loss of two wickets in its second innings and it had a total of 118 runs on India. South Africa in the second innings was not good and his two wickets fell only on the overall score of three, but on this occasion, Algar and De Villiers managed the innings and proceeded cautiously.

In the South Africa-out batsmen, Eden Markram and Hashim Ammalah made one run and both Jupiter was LBW for the wicket ball. In the wake of the responsible innings of captain Virat Kohli, India beat South Africa only for the only 28 runs in the first innings of the second cricket test match.The third day of the match, the Naiden team, made 307 runs in their first innings, including Kohli 153 runs.

Kohli remained on the wicket till the end of England and he was the last batsmen out. His innings included 15 squares.In the end, Ravi Chandrishnan Ashwin co-opted with Kohli and played an outstanding 38-run innings.mMorgan was the most successful bowler with four wickets from South Africa.Remember that in this Test series of the three matches, South Africa has won a zero edge. The first Test match in the Cape Town was played by 72 runs.

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