500 days remaining in the World Cup ICC fans have been enthusiastic

For the ICC World Cup 2019, the event has now left for 500 days, and the schedule will be announced at the end of March. Now, 500 days left at the start of the World Cup 2019, in the same way, the ICC released a list in which the existing 7 batsman won a 500 megawatts honor to make 500 or more runs, including Sachin Tendulkar In this match, in 1996 and 2003, the other players included Matthew Hayden, Mahila Jay Ward, Martin Gupta, Kumar Sangakkara, Ricky Ponting and Dilshan, Dilshan.

The ICC also released the ticket sales program on the occasion, fans wishing to get a ticket, have been directed to register on the ICC website by April 30. The first public interest in this regard will be in July on the 1st of May after that normal sale of tickets will begin in September. It is clear that the scheduled schedule for the next year, 8 teams have already been announced for the Mega event, including host England, defense champions Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Schedule World Cup qualifiers have to be selected in March this year, in the end of March, all the 48 schedule schedules and tickets will be announced. The World Cup will be from May 30 to July 14 next year, it is the fourth time England will host mega event. The tournament director Steve Ellerie said that demand for championship tickets is expected to be too high, so in the first two steps tickets will be booked through a surgeon, and general sales will be started.

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