The fast bowler Mohammad Irfan of the Pakistan Cricket Team refused the American citizenship

Mohammad Irfan has offered to join the American basketball team, saying that cricket cannot be left, will always play for his country and will also come to Pakistan for Pakistan. The American basketball team has become the national player to be a part of the Classic Ball team. American citizenship was also offered as well. Mohammad Irfan has started playing cricket again after completing the PSL spot-fixing sentence and he also participated in the

The long-term national fast bowler Mohammad Irfan rejected the offer of the US to play basketball, said Parser that Pakistan is everything for me, even John is present.

In a video message, he said that America has been offered basketball due to the long run, it was said that basketball will play here and also give you American citizenship, but I said that Pakistan Everything is for me, I will stay here, John is also present for Pakistan.

It is clear that Mohammad Irfan had a 6-month ban on Payee’s contact delay in the PSL spot-fixing case, he is playing a dynamic cricket after finishing the ban and waiting for the national team to return.

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